Our Network Switzerland


 Our Network provides customers with over 40GB/s in our Switzerland Location.
Our network is 100% Cisco, provided by leading network providers, and include multiple Up-links for maximum performance and availability, also featuring BGP connectivity which enables your server to find the best possible route to the outside world.
 We are working to add multiple peering links to many additional Internet access networks.

Our Switzerland Network

 Featuring DUAL WS-C6509-E in the Core Network Layer and over 35 WS-C2960S-48TD-L switches in the Distribution and Access Network Layers, this is state-of-the-art network design enables us the scalability for new racks to be reployed with ease.
  As opposed to Switzerland does not have a bandwidth limitation due to exhorbitant cost.
  Every single dedicated server is deployed with 1GB/s connectivity to both the public, and private networks, and a remote management console to each server where you would be able to install, troubleshoot your server as if you were sitting in front of it.

  In Switzerland, besides Cogent, which is our main Up-stream provider, we have other providers, including Tinet, CompuLine and our sister company, RedTransit.
  This gives us the posibility of moving over 40GB/s of data over our network without affecting performance at any layer of the network.


  We take network security very seriously.
  We have security policies in place to make sure our network infrastructure is as secure as possible, but still allowing all the protocols and services needed to be able to provide transparent access to the network and services to our clients.
  From all the the network equipment, down to the servers we manage, security is a high priority to all out staff and we work diligently to implement security measures that can ensure the integrity of the data traveling or residing in out network.
All information provided Private Layer. For more information on our security practices, contact us.

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Switzerland Network
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